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"Code first" Software Developers with a passion for
Autonomous mobility & transportation for everyone

Image by Ryoji Iwata
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About Us

We love things that move,

whether it's cars, bicycles, robots or spaceships,

our children making their first baby steps,

or humanity moving across the globe and eventually the universe…

we love them all

we’re used to love them so much,

we want their motion to last forever

Movinity is all about developing products and services

that move or make something move,

while always keeping sustainability in focus,

rigorously respecting planetary and societal boundaries

so that what moves…

… can keep moving, into infinity

Home: About Us


With a strong belief in the accelerating technological progress of open source robotics, we are developing robotic solutions for mobility and transportation in public space. Today, we are dedicated to contribute to the relevant open source communities, and support society and industry with consultancy services. Our core expertise is centered around topics like C++, Python, Matlab, ROS, ML/DL, Autonomous Drive, ADAS, SW Defined Vehicles, Middleware and ISO26262.

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